♥ Generic guidelines ♥

For any issues that may incur with your order, you can contact me here, or via email  and will get back to you A.S.A.P. ^^ (please bear in mind that in case you are in another continent, there may be a slight delay due to time differences).

♥ Loss of parcel/Delays

Fortunately the chances of a Registered Parcel being lost in the post are minimal to none existent, since it goes through meticulous control and the sender can always track it back.

In a rare case that your parcel is lost or takes more than the designated time to reach you, I encourage you to contact me.

Gatumi are not responsible for losses and damage incurred by the mishandling of local postal services, however if the postal services lose your parcel, we can work together to make a claim. In that case we will issue an official request, which may require a signed statement on the customer's part.

Rest assured, all records and receipts are stored, meaning that we can easily track your package back and locate it.

♥ Return Policy:

I do my best to describe in the greatest detail the materials and techniques I use in my jewelry, everything is X-tra safely shipped in bubble wrapped envelopes and more fragile items are placed in boxes to prevent shipping damages and mishaps.

However, in a rare case that you find the item is different from what you order, I encourage you to contact me and sort things out.

In a rare case that an item is damaged by mishandling at the post or the item is other than described, please message me to make a claim. 

Returns for earrings are not accepted for hygienic purposes, please make sure to read the exact description, and in case you have any questions prior to ordering, DO let me know.

♥ Reservations:

Reservations are welcome, however please be informed that for new customers the initial time limit for reservations is 2 weeks and can be extended up to 1 month maximum.

If in any case you are unable to make a purchase within the 2 week time frame, all you have to do is send an email and your reservation can be renewed for an additional 2 weeks.